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Meet Your Dedicated Technical Service Experts

Jason Luth

Lead Design & Technology Engineer

With over a decade of experience in network engineering, Jason is the authority in design and technology integration. Professionally, Jason specializes in system design, technical installation, customer training, and workflow development. During his personal time, Jason enjoys riding his motorcycle, fishing, and being a dad.

David Armstrong

Design & Technology Engineer

David combines leadership with a deep knowledge in IT to keep your network experience seamless. His expertise includes configuration and installation, and maintaining computer networks, services, and computers. Professionally, David’s expertise and skill set include troubleshooting, and communicating networking challenges for a swift resolution.

When he’s not enjoying time with SurfCT clients, David enjoys working on cars, practicing carpentry, and is a budding 3D printing aficionado.

Michael Pastore

On-Site Service Team

Michael is a highly talented hybrid technician that brings a fresh approach to support. Available for both remote and on-site support, you can look forward to his acute attention to detail.

In his personal time, Michael is an outdoor enthusiast. His interests include golfing, physical fitness, and spending time on his boat.

Stephen Speliades

On-Site Service Team

Well established in the SurfCT ecosystem for the last 3 years, Stephen specializes in technical configurations, network management, hardware maintenance, and communication.

In his personal time, Stephen continues his passion for computer science by building custom computers. He also enjoys car restoration, and gardening.

Joseph Alvarado

Remote Service Team

Available to you, wherever you may be. With over 3 years of experience at SurfCT, Joseph provides remote technician support. He navigates communication between you and our service team with ease.

When not helping facilitate smooth communication, Joseph enjoys photography, graphics, and videography.

Luis Silva

Technical Planning Team Leader

Steeped with a decade of experience at SurfCT, Luis is an expert at troubleshooting for success. His knowledge includes software installation and resolving challenges in a timely manner so you can continue with an effortless digital workflow.

During his personal time, you can often find Luis sipping a nicely aged bourbon while watching the Yankees or playing outdoor sports. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with his three nieces.

Danny Mendes

Project Preparation Team

Part of SurfCT’s ecosystem for over 8 years, Danny understands the strength that preparation brings to any IT installation. He has honed his specialty in project preparation for installations and on-site jobs. With Danny, you can be assured your project has a foundation for success.

Always thinking one step ahead, Danny enjoys soccer, running, and golfing during his personal time.

Josh Piel-Fragoso

On-Site Service Team

For the last three years, Josh has been one of SurfCT’s lead on-site technicians. His precision for installing and configuring networks as well as hardware and software solutions is impeccable.

When Josh is not on-site leading an installation, you can find him skateboarding, coding in Python and JavaScript, or gaming.

Tyler Sigel

On-Site Service Team

You deserve white-glove service on-site, and Tyler is dedicated to exceeding expectations. Part of the SurfCT team for over two years, Tyler specializes in installation and hardware solutions.

During his personal time, Tyler can be found in the mountains snowboarding or snowmobiling. He also enjoys tinkering with old technology, playing video games, and collecting cards.

SurfCT Helps You Create a Better Experience For Yourself, Your Team, and Your Patients

With SurfCT, I think that the possibilities are always endless. Whether it’s being able to show people what’s possible or improving the actual experience here in the office and I think SurfCT helps us on every single level of that.

Dr. Lindsey MarshallLindsey F. Marshall, DMD

They have created a better way to market and run a successful dental practice in a more connected way. What I enjoy the most is seeing the growth that being fully connected has created for One Manhattan Dental.

Dr. Rob RaimondiOne Manhattan Dental


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