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Testimonials from World-Class Doctors

Hear from the doctors themselves about their experience with surfct

SurfCT Doctor Testimonials 1:58

“Dentistry is changing, it’s rapidly evolving, and it all comes down to technology. When you have a team, when you have the technology, when you have all the pre-planning through connection then you have a better result.”

One Manhattan Dental 1:24

“SurfCT came to us 2.5 years ago with their slogan that ‘Everything is Connected’ – and they’ve lived up to that name.”

Dr. Elizabeth Shin Perry 1:26

“We’ve had great experience with SurfCT. I like that they work with a lot of other offices who are on the cutting edge. Paul works to make your dream a reality.”

Dr. Mario Lucca 1:16

“What separates SurfCT from others is their willingness to be on the cutting edge. I don’t have an IT guy, I have an IT team with SurfCT.”

Dr. Lindsey Marshall – Pre-COVID-19 1:50

“Paul was the person who could what we wanted. I’ve been in practice for 20 years and no one has been able to seamless integrate things.”

Dr. Lindsey Marshall – During COVID-19 1:50

“When I reached out to them to see if I needed to change anything, they said it’s all taken care of. We were ready to hit the ground running.”

Dr. Eugenia Prokopets 2:05

“I recommend SurfCT if you want to connect all the parts of your practice, especially if someone is first starting out.”